About Us

A short brief about our company

F K Ellis and sons ltd was started in 1956, when Frank Ellis took over an Ironmongers in Brixton. Paraffin stoves were in fashion then! For those who remember them.

It grew over the next 20 years and transformed into a builders merchants, supplying some of the large building companies working in London. One of our local companies was called Bridge Walker, who quickly grew into one of the largest and most influential building companies of that time, the “Trafalgar group” who owned companies ranging from the Ritz Hotel, Cunard, Ideal Homes etc. We grew with them and alongside

The company continued to grow in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and its 3 branches had around 30 staff, and was run by Gary Ellis and Chris Chubb.

In the 1990’s times were changing with the introduction of the large DIY sheds, and the company started working more with Architects, Designers and Hotel groups and less with retail goods. We started to specialise more in Bathrooms and Kitchens and less with Heavyside goods and ironmongery.

Over the next 15 years, Kitchen Appliances became an increasingly important part of the business, once we started buying direct from the manufacturers and we found that using our increased buying power, we could then even supply kitchen showrooms at better prices than they could buy them for! The other main part of our business was supplying Hotel groups with up to 500 bathrooms on one project, which again increased our buying power.

The Company moved from Brixton in 2004 when Chris took over, to its present location in Sydenham. Using the Warehouse there, the business concentrated on bulk buying and distribution to its now vast Customer base.

As well as supplying the large companies and Hotels, we have always continued to supply Architects, designers and the public. Using the buying power built up, we have now found ourselves in a position to be able to supply Appliances and Bathrooms at better prices than our competitors, whilst not sacrificing any service.